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Why Did We Create Blessed Birth?

There are decades worth of evidence showing that patience, kindness and respect for the natural birth process contribute to a safe, healthy and empowering birth.  

Somehow, in spite of this wealth of information, we are still seeing women and babies treated in ways that make their birth LESS safe and LESS empowering.  

As a midwife and doula team, we realised that real, scientifically sound information needs to get to pregnant couples so that they can make informed decisions about their care, especially now in these troubled times.

This course separates myths and unfounded fears from the fascinating facts and reality of birth and postpartum.


  • In-depth understanding of HOW BIRTH WORKS physiologically
  • A greater chance of achieving a natural birth
  • New faith and trust in what your body is capable of
  • Precisely how to prepare for a home birth, if you have decided not to go to the hospital 
  • The knowledge you need to confidently birth your baby alone if you end up in that situation
  • You and your partner will feel calmer and more prepared to navigate the unpredictability of birth
  • Evidence-based information to support you through the newborn stage and help you get more sleep, breastfeed successfully and have a happier, healthier baby

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    The course can be purchased online with your credit or debit card through the secure Paypal gateway, or via your Paypal account. If you are in South Africa you can send us an email to receive banking details for EFT, at

  • What if I'm not in South Africa?

    All our course content is online, and so is our private Facebook support group. So wherever you are in the world, you can join us!

  • What if my due date is really soon?

    The content is not sequential. You are free to start where you feel you need the most help. All the content is available and ready to go right now.

  • What if I'm planning a hospital birth?

    Our students have a wide range of birth plans. Some would like to give birth at home with a midwife, others are planning a birth centre birth, and many are going to hospitals. There is excellent information for everyone, from how to deal with pain, how to avoid an unnecessary C-section, how to protect your perineum from tearing, and crazy amazing newborn care hacks.

  • Do you offer personal help and support?

    Our private Facebook community is where we work out solutions to unique problems, laugh, cry, rant, learn new things and support one another with NO JUDGEMENT. Because it is a private group, nobody outside the group can see any posts or comments and it is a safe place to express your fears, needs and hopes.

  • How is the course material delivered?

    All our content is on our website, and we also share content in our private Facebook group. The content consists of PDF documents, videos, audio, printable cheat sheets and check lists which you can view at your leisure.

Who Are We?

A midwife and doula team with a calling to empower parents.

Nurse, Midwife

Vanessa De Beer

I am a happy wife and mom, with a busy and spunky three-year-old girl. I qualified with a B.Cur degree in nursing and midwifery in 2012 and I have been a midwife since 2013. I started to focus on home births since mid-2015. I have attended over 500 births in hospitals and homes, and I am passionate about helping women to achieve a blessed birth.

Doula, Newborn Cries Educator

Camille Potgieter

I'm a doula, newborn cries educator and mother to an amazing little girl. I have a passion for helping expectant couples to prepare for an empowering and memorable birth. My own challenging emergency C-section in a state hospital gave me insight to help others rise up and overcome, even if the road gets dark and takes an unexpected turn.

What our students are saying

Blessed Birth blessed me!

Amandi De Bruyn - South Africa

Vanessa and Camille were so helpful from the start! From purchasing the course, giving support throughout these challenging times. I had challenges due to Covid, challenges with possible c-section fears. I had struggles in these unsupported times when it comes to normal deliveries. I'm trying to find time to finish the course as a working mom and wife. The course is very informative, a must for all women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. This course covers everything... it's the only "all in one" need to know from being pregnant to post delivery. There is a lot to say about these awesome ladies and the great info they provide... I'm so inspired and full of hope... all is not lost in this broken world. Thank you Ladies. May the Lord bless you as you have blessed and empowered so many women by what you do!

Knowledge is power.

Marica Du Preez - South Afirca

From start to finish, this course is packed with such valuable information. Firstly, both the presenters are Christian and for me that is such a beautiful thing – by the grace of God they go. Everything they say and do can be traced back to the Word of God. Then, all the lessons have been carefully worked out to give you as much information as possible, without being complicated or overloading your brain. The simple language used makes it a very user-friendly resource, because we all wish our doctors had more time to answer our every question, but it just isn’t always possible. Anyone can easily follow this course, first-time moms, teenage moms, even the mom having her fifth child will benefit from this. For me, this course has been such a blessing. I am attempting a VBA2C (natural birth after two caesareans), and I have really loved every single lesson in this course – everything is practical and doable! All the info given in the lessons is real and true – tried and tested by real women, in real life. I feel that preparation and knowledge is key in getting the birth you want, and I believe this course will help me achieve that! Knowledge is power over fear, and the Blessed Birth online course is giving me that power! 2 Timothy 1:7 says: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Free Previews - These sections are taken from further on in the course

  • 3

    Bonus FAQ's

    • Blessed Birth Q&A

  • 4

    Preparing for a Blessed Birth

    • Preparing for a Blessed Birth PDF (Laptop and PC)

    • Preparing for a Blessed Birth (Mobile Version)

    • Preparing for a Blessed Birth Video

    • Preparing for a Blessed Birth Audio

  • 5

    Practical Items for Home Birth

    • Practical Items to Prepare for Your Home Birth PDF

    • Practical Items to Prepare for Your Home Birth (Mobile Version)

    • Practical Items to Prepare for your Home Birth Video

    • Practical Items to Prepare for Your Home Birth Audio

  • 6

    Overcoming Pain in Labour

    • Managing Pain During Labour PDF

    • Managing the Possibility of Pain in Labour (Mobile Version)

    • Managing Pain During Labour Video

    • Printable Questions on Pain During Labour

    • Checklist for Pain in Labour

    • Managing the Possibility of a Painful Labour Audio

  • 7

    The Truth about How to Avoid Tearing

    • How to Prevent Tearing PDF

    • How to Prevent Tearing Video

    • Printable Preventing Tearing

    • How to Prevent Tearing Audio

  • 8

    What if I Give Birth in the Car?!

    • What if I Give Birth in the Car?! PDF

    • What if I Give Birth in the Car!? Video

    • What if I Give Birth in the Car Audio

  • 9

    Unplanned Transfer to Hospital - How to Cope

    • How to Handle a Hospital Transfer PDF

    • How To Handle a Hospital Transfer Video

    • How to Handle a Hospital Transfer Audio

  • 10

    Tips for Recovery from a C-Section

    • Tips for C-Section Recovery PDF

    • Tips for C-Section Recovery

    • Tips for Recovery from a C-Section Audio

  • 11

    Post Partum - Life After Birth

    • Post Partum - Life After Birth

    • Printable for Post Partum

    • Post Partum Care Video: Part 1 - Breastfeeding

    • Post Partum Care Video: Part 2 - Perineum, bleeding, self-care

    • Post Partum Care Part 1 Breastfeeding Audio

    • Post Partum Care Part 2 Audio

  • 12

    Evidence Based Newborn Care

    • Caring for Your New Baby PDF

    • Printable for Newborn Care

    • Newborn Care Video: Part 1 - Cord care, nappy care, bathing, eye care

    • Newborn Care Video: Part 2 - Jaundice and Baby Sleep

    • Newborn Care Video: Part 3 - Burping and Cramps

    • Newborn Care Video: Part 4 - Babywearing, Dunstan Baby Language and Elimination Communication

    • Newborn Care Part 1 Audio

    • Newborn Care Part 2 Audio

    • Newborn Care Part 3 Audio

    • Newborn Care Part 4 Audio

  • 13

    What If I Happen to Give Birth ALL ALONE?? (Unassisted Birth)

    • What to Do during an Unassisted Birth PDF

    • Printable Unassisted Birth

    • What to Do during an Unassisted Birth Video

    • Unassisted Birth Videos

    • What to Do during an Unassisted Birth Audio

  • 14

    How to Avoid an Unnessecary C-Section

    • How to Avoid an Unnecessary C-Section

    • When Labour Does NOT Progress Normally - Cheat Sheet For Care Providers